Application process

This is how you become a perspicuum

Transparency is important to us. That’s why we want to give you an insight into our application process in advance. We’ll also share a few tips with you on how to convince us of your merits.

If you need a final boost of motivation to send in your application, you can also find out here what we offer you as an employer.



You apply to us with certificates, references & Co.


Video call

We get to know each other during a first video call.


Video conference

If necessary, we'll talk on the video phone again - then the three of us.



We meet for a discussion in our office in Cologne.


You are in the team

We say yes and you become part of Perspicuum Solutions!

This is how you convince us

Explain to us how you enrich Perspicuum.

Inspire us with unconventional and innovative ideas.

Show us that you think in terms of solutions and not problems.

Prove to us that you are ready to change and develop.

What we offer you


To help you balance your job and private life, we offer flexible working hours, flexitime, part-time models and special leave. You have 30 days’ holiday and can convert your salary into days off.

Health & Fitness

For us, work-life balance also includes health and physical fitness. We pay your gym membership fee and are happy to join a sports group with you.

Way to work

You can reach our office in Cologne easily by bus and tram. We support you with a job ticket so you can leave your car in the garage.

More advantages

We offer you various corporate benefits, provide you with a JobRad if you wish and lease electronics for you.

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