Microsoft 365 user training

Making the best use of productivity tools

Most companies use Microsoft 365, but many do not exploit the potential of these applications. We train you and your employees to use Office applications efficiently and to adapt them to your requirements.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 offers your company all the tools it needs to work productively and digitally – from word processing to project management.
from word processing to project management.

Our training offer

Our trainings are tailored to the role and skill level of the participants and can take place at a location of your choice.

Microsoft 365 for decision-makers:

IT Strategy Workshop
Together we implement your IT vision. During this workshop, we develop a concept for the introduction of Microsoft 365 and thus ensure a successful roll-out.

Microsoft 365 for executives:

Making the most of Microsoft 365 for your department
Every department has its own individual working methods and IT requirements. We support you as a team leader in making the best use of Microsoft 365 in your area.

Microsoft 365 for users:

More motivation and sustainable success
In over 50 topic-specific seminars, we make the applications of Microsoft 365 understandable to participants and help them to use them independently.

Tap the full potential of Microsoft 365!

We train you and your employees in all Office applications.

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