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You have potential? We have know-how!

We promote great ideas through real added value.

perspicuum invests in start-ups that are committed to our planet. We believe that our expertise and experience can make a big difference for young companies. That’s why we stand by you as a sparring partner and with professional services.

We support you in the following areas:

Management: We professionalise your commercial processes and systems and develop them further to support you in your growth. For example, we help you to set up your financial accounting, secure investments or loans, or prepare you for liquidity talks.

IT: Whether ready-to-use applications or customised digital workflows – we find the ideal solution for your business. We digitise workflows, introduce new systems or adapt existing ones – helping you to work as efficiently as possible.

Accounting: No one starts a business to deal with taxes and finances. We take this burden off your shoulders and take care of bookkeeping, annual accounts, payroll and other financial issues. We find the best tax strategies for your business.

This is how it works:



Write to us and present your start-up and your vision.


Getting to know each other:

We talk about your concept and see if the chemistry is right.



We formalise our commitment in a contract.



We take off together!

Why we do what we do

Sustainable ideas deserve support

We at perspicuum see ourselves as business angels who primarily want to support start-ups that are committed to environmental and climate protection. We want to share our experience and support young founders in the way we do best: with services that offer them real added value.

We think anyone who has a great idea should be able to focus on developing it and making it profitable. But anyone who has founded a start-up knows: a lot of time is spent on things that have nothing to do with the actual idea.

perspicuum has the solution: we take important services off the hands of young sustainable companies so that they can drive their business forward through their creativity and innovative power.

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