Maturity Model

Proactive corporate management through meaningful reports

We use the BI Maturity Model to evaluate and optimise existing in-house reporting systems. It systematically divides the maturity level of a company’s reporting into four levels.

At the first two levels, information and operational reports are evaluated on a historical basis. With increasing professionalisation, the interactivity within reporting increases. In the third stage, information is then processed into simulation and scenario models. Now the focus is on understanding developments to be expected in the future. The ex ante reporting system is understood as an active control instrument for corporate management. The fourth and final stage follows on from this: Here, the best possible decision templates are derived automatically.

Maturity Model


What happened? 

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Why did it happen?
Interactive Dashboards

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What is going to happen?
Simulation models

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What should be done?
AI models

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Approach and goals

We evaluate your company’s current reporting maturity level and identify weaknesses and potential. We then make adjustments and optimisations and actively support you in the further professionalisation of your reporting. The quality and informative value of your reporting will thus rise to a new level and enable you to manage your company more proactively, based on objectified qualitative and quantitative parameters. You benefit from this in particular for strategic as well as tactical-operational corporate decisions.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

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We put you in a position to make better decisions for your company with objectified information and influencing variables.

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