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Innovation or cost reduction projects

Professional competence at fixed monthly rates: We offer you standardised and customised solutions in all areas of controlling. This way you can build up your controlling or professionalise existing structures at manageable costs.

We support you in these areas with our many years of expertise:

Integrated financial planning

Too often, corporate management and financial planning are separated from each other. This is despite the fact that it makes sense for every medium-sized company to integrate financial planning – especially if its turnover varies greatly over the course of the year. If you combine the most important company figures in a closed system, there are many advantages for your company. You get a better and more meaningful overview and can detect deviations from the plan early on and initiate countermeasures.

Liquidity optimisation

We support you in optimising your cash flow in order to sustainably improve your solvency and create the greatest possible entrepreneurial leeway. To do this, we look at your financial resources, plan a financial mix that suits your business and schedule income and costs. This makes you more independent of lenders, ensures your profitability and gives you planning quality. Especially in times of uncertain financial markets, this is indispensable.

Bank reporting

In order to check your creditworthiness and decide on a loan, banks require a lot of documentation. However, many companies find it difficult to take an objective look at their own figures. perspicuum creates a clearly structured and meaningful bank report for you that answers all questions about your liquidity and corporate planning. For this purpose, we sift through and evaluate your figures, create deviation analyses and forecasts if required, and work out justifications and correlations for your lenders.

Break-even optimisation

A break-even point is not set in stone. You can influence it in your favour. With break-even optimisation, we ensure that your break-even point is lowered and that you operate more profitably. To do this, we conduct a break-even analysis to find out the minimum contribution margin you need to generate. We then design various scenarios to optimise your break-even point.

Financial planning system

Financial planning systems help you to create budgets and company-wide targets. You can derive financial forecasts from them, carry out scenario analyses and evaluate financial risks as well as simulate future economic scenarios. Planning systems enable informed decision-making

Lay the foundations for more success

We put you in a position to make better decisions for your company with objectified information and influencing variables.

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