Transformation & Restructuring

Successful change management

If you lack qualified personnel for a successful business transformation, we step in to represent you. We offer you support and know-how from more than 15 years of successful change and transformation management.

We support you in these and similar projects:

of workflows

A transformation does not always have to be a major project; even small changes can have a considerable impact. For example, the digitalisation of work processes can lead to significant efficiency gains. However, it is often difficult to question and optimise familiar procedures. We help you overcome this hurdle and develop the appropriate digital tools so that you can work faster, better and more error-free.

Conceptual development and realisation of management information systems

Acting instead of just reacting: A management information system gives your company an information edge so that you can manage and control factors that are critical to success. It enables you to access all relevant data from all divisions of your company and provides the basis for analyses, problem solving and strategic decisions. perspicuum is your partner for the design and implementation of such a system.

Optimisation of production planning
and control

Production planning and control plays a crucial role for the manufacturing industry. Its effectiveness is crucial for the success of the entire company. We find out for you where there is unused potential in your structures and help you to realise your objectives. To do this, we use modern analysis tools and continuously measure the effectiveness of the production process.

Restructuring and reorganisation of work processes

External help is often crucial to overcome a crisis situation. perspicuum supports you in uncovering weaknesses in your company and identifying potential for improvement. We then help you to identify and implement effective measures for business and financial restructuring. We work out possible solutions for you, draw up a roadmap and then monitor its implementation.

Lay the foundations for more success

We put you in a position to make better decisions for your company with objectified information and influencing variables.

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