Develop important key figures and make the right decisions

  • Further development of existing internal reporting and internal activity allocation. Automation of calculations
  • Extensive digitalisation and introduction of a modern database and front-end environment as well as integration with the ERP (SAP R/3)
  • Definition and development of key figure reporting in the finance environment and integration with the European parent group reporting system
  • Introduction of a key performance indicator system in the production environment (order sequence compliance, set-up times, idle times, justification of deviations, customer delivery punctuality)
  • Conceptual development and realisation of an order-related internal end-to-end lead time measurement and separation according to “value-added” and “non-value-added” time
  • Conceptual development of key figures along the company-wide value chain and their consolidation into a management cockpit
  • Particularly focussed on the determination of a detailed contribution margin calculation and the identification of margin optimisation opportunities
  • Establishment and expansion of an internal controlling reporting system and further development of cost and performance accounting
  • Introduction of (standardised) planning processes and automatically derived forecasts
  • Development of a multi-level contribution margin accounting and derivation of KPIs for entrepreneurial control
  • Determination of item price elasticities for optimised annual price adjustment
  • Introduction of an operational accounting sheet and optimisation of overhead calculations
  • Design of a business simulation and extrapolation of various future financial scenarios as well as derivation of recommendations for action taking
  • Conceptual development and subsequent coordination and implementation of a global budget process (sales, expense, personnel and investment planning)
  • Reduction and optimisation of inventories (raw materials, consumables and supplies, as well as unfinished and finished stock items)


We put you in a position to make better decisions for your company with objectified information and influencing variables.

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