Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Reliable data as the basis for sound business decisions

  • Development, technical implementation and organisational interlinking of a central database as a company-wide single point of truth as a basis for (global) reports
  • Development and realisation of a modern interactive online reporting system
  • ETL interface management of different ERP/CRM systems:
    • SAP R/3
    • SAP S4/HANA
    • SAGE
    • Easyjob
    • ProSeco
    • Datev
    • Navision
    • MyOB
    • Salesforce
    • Easy-DMS
  • Company-wide harmonisation of definitions, master data and key figures (20 locations worldwide)
  • Reduction of redundancies in the process flow and of information breaks
  • Structural error correction and (partial) relaunch in the rescue approach of existing data warehouse and BI environments


We put you in a position to make better decisions for your company with objectified information and influencing variables.

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