Lean Manufacturing

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  • Critical analysis of heuristic production planning
  • Definition of a modified heuristic set of rules for the formation of optimised order sequences
  • Evaluation of existing critical influencing variables (bottleneck factors and restrictions) in the production control process as well as process-related and system-related reorganisation
  • Introduction of a central production control centre and
  • Introduction of an advanced planning software for optimised order entry control
  • Holistic re-planning of a storage and transport flow of RHBs
  • Optimisation of the packaging process
  • ABCXYZ analysis and evaluation, and subsequent optimisation and reduction of tied-up capital at raw materials and supplies
  • Plan/target/actual comparison of material components and subsequent optimisation of the kanban cycle and the number of material components
  • Planning and implementation of all process-, system- and organisational issues for a successful first-time ISO 9001 implementation. Essentially: process analysis and further development, creation of QM documentation and implementation of the QM system in the organisation
  • Introduction of an electronic planning board for production control and connection/introduction of machine data (PDA) to the planning board


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